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"Anything that has to do with setting something on fire sounds like a bad idea."

"Oh, come on, just for a few moments! I need to test something. Harmless scientific research, I promise."

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when you see your favorite rp partner on but you don’t want to bother them because you think you’re annoying


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Look at me trying impeccably hard to make cool graphics (may I say failure?) Anyways, seems I’m going to follow the crowd (holy wow, I don’t think I’ve ever followed the crowd in my entire life, this is a first) and make a current follow forever. Know that just because you’re not on this does not in fact mean I don’t like you or don’t want to rp with you, it just means that I haven’t gotten the chance to interact with you much. These guys have become some of my best friends and I dearly love them. 

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In particular I would like to take a moment to mention a few people I love and adore with all of my heart, to which I would give anything to meet and who I dearly admire.

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((Today on Munday News: I have changed the town tune to BBC Sherlock theme and been running around, bugging my neighbors just to hear it.

Also, if you play Animal Crossing: New Leaf feel free to leave a message with your friend code. :) I’d love to visit you, guys!


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That moment when you want to reply to an RP and you just can’t think of what to say:


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((-puts on Iron Man mask- I am determined to finish all the replies today, guys!))

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Title: Bitch

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Still got threads to answer but it’s almost 1AM and I have a job interview so I’ll try to do them when I got free minute.:) I WON’T FORGET YOU, GUYS!

Have a good night! -wraps everybody in a blanket and kisses their foreheads-