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when you see your favorite rp partner on but you don’t want to bother them because you think you’re annoying


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Look at me trying impeccably hard to make cool graphics (may I say failure?) Anyways, seems I’m going to follow the crowd (holy wow, I don’t think I’ve ever followed the crowd in my entire life, this is a first) and make a current follow forever. Know that just because you’re not on this does not in fact mean I don’t like you or don’t want to rp with you, it just means that I haven’t gotten the chance to interact with you much. These guys have become some of my best friends and I dearly love them. 

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In particular I would like to take a moment to mention a few people I love and adore with all of my heart, to which I would give anything to meet and who I dearly admire.

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((Today on Munday News: I have changed the town tune to BBC Sherlock theme and been running around, bugging my neighbors just to hear it.

Also, if you play Animal Crossing: New Leaf feel free to leave a message with your friend code. :) I’d love to visit you, guys!


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That moment when you want to reply to an RP and you just can’t think of what to say:


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((-puts on Iron Man mask- I am determined to finish all the replies today, guys!))

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Title: Bitch

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Still got threads to answer but it’s almost 1AM and I have a job interview so I’ll try to do them when I got free minute.:) I WON’T FORGET YOU, GUYS!

Have a good night! -wraps everybody in a blanket and kisses their foreheads-

Closed Starter ll Wade & Jesse


Wade looked over at her and chuckled slightly. “It’s a Saturday?” Wade asked, he had completely lost track of the time and date and everything.. it was probably good that she gave him a little update. “Wait.. you went out drinking without me?” Wade asked falling backward and lying across her bed. “How long have I known you.. and you choose this way to repay me for all the good times we’ve had together.. rude.”

Jesse casted her eyes to the heavens when Wade seemed to be genuinely surprised to find out it was Saturday.

The moment the word ‘rude’ left his lips a giant fluffy pillow landed on his face followed by a chuckle. “You are one to talk, walking in on a half naked hungover girl without a breakfast tray.”

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